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Richard is always happy to help his constituents, and his contact details are here. However, the first thing to consider when contacting your MP is whether he is the right option.

If your problem is with services provided by your local council (for example refuse collection or council tax), then one of your local councillors will be happy to assist.

If your problem is of a more general nature or you are uncertain where to go for advice, then your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to guide you.

MPs are there to help only with those matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible, such as:

–  Tax problems involving the HM Revenue and Customs Department.
–  Problems dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions such as benefits, pensions and National Insurance.
–  Problems dealt with by the Home Office, such as immigration.
–  Problems dealt with by the Department of Health, such as hospitals and the National Health Service (NHS).

Unfortunately, your MP is unable to help in private disputes with neighbours, with an employer, with family matters or with companies who have sold you faulty goods; nor can they interfere with decisions made by the courts or the police.

Whichever method you choose, you should generally only contact your local MP as MPs will deal only with the problems of their own constituents and not with those of another MP’s constituents.
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