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Please note: This site covers the period that I was a Member of Parliament from May 2010 to June 2017. 


Richard with Mark Harper, Shadow Minister for Disabled People and Huggy

I was joined recently by Mark Harper, Shadow Minister for Disabled People, who was visiting the area to learn more about access and other issues for the disabled.

Mark and I toured the Elisabeth Curtis Centre, which runs Riding for the Disabled.  Based in Bromham, the Centre, which is volunteer run, serves the needs of disabled and other special needs children from many areas across our county.

It was a great visit and a chance for me to learn more about the history of the centre and hear some of the stories of success and help from the volunteers.  Mark and I also got to meet a couple of the horses – Chunky and, pictured above, Huggy.

Yesterday, David Cameron launched the Conservative Party’s draft health manifesto, which you can read here, Conservative Party Draft Health Manifesto.  

The draft manifesto has lots of sensible initiatives that will focus money on the provision of healthcare rather than management and process initiatives. 

The draft manifesto also points the way forward to give each of us more power to choose our public health providers, and it does it in a very sensible way, seeing the GP as our guide rather than relying on us as isolated – and, sometimes, ill-informed – “consumers”. 

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Richard and Lucy with some of the replies to the Family Health Survey

Richard and Lucy with some of the replies to the Family Health Survey

Last year, over 1000 residents in Bedford and Kempston participated in my survey of local health services and issues – a huge response rate and one that indicates how important the NHS is to us all.

 A summary of some of the findings from the survey is available here, 2009 Health Survey Feedback.  

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