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RF, Justine Greening and Head Boy and Head Girl at BFS Extension Opening

The Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, visited Bedford Free School with Richard
Fuller this week to open the new Skyline Hall with Principal Mark Lehain. The extension provides a school hall, changing rooms, drama studio and staff offices.

Justine and Richard along with an audience of parents and friends, were treated to impressive
performances given by the school brass band and the a capella girls quartet. All students at the
school are taught violin and guitar and there were performances from all stages of violin
competence from those who have just started to learn right through to a Bedfordshire Festival
award winning barbershop quartet.

Speaking to the audience, Justine said is was a pleasure to visit a school that is not only a great
example of academic success but also wider musical and arts ability. Justine herself is passionate
about music and plays the violin to a level that is “good enough now for my cat to return home!”.

Richard followed Justine by adding his thanks to the staff of Bedford Free School for the tremendous
work they have done in creating such a successful school and to the parents for making the choice to
send their children here. He said, “I am a huge supporter of parental choice when it comes to education and
Bedford Free School is an important example of the success that can be achieved with parent
power and a dedicated team”.

Richard also thanked the local Salvation Army for their support to the “music for all” programme
which is providing students at BFS free access to music lessons. Richard added, “The Salvation Army are the unsung heroes of this town”.

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