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Please note: This site covers the period that I was a Member of Parliament from May 2010 to June 2017. 

The Bill to trigger Article 50 and start the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is currently being debated in Parliament. On Tuesday, Bedford MP, Richard Fuller spoke in the debate, outlining his views about Brexit.

8 Responses to Richard speaks on Article 50 Bill

  • Well said Richard. Wise advice.

  • In my personal opinion leaving the EU is totally the wrong thing to do for the long term ecominic stability of our country. I’m all for change but not at the expense of local business owners, who export their goods into European countries, and once this bill is passed there is a good and worrying chance that our countries goods will be refused. Also British citizens currently living and working in Europe may have to leave, which does not bode well for the future. All in all leaving Europen union is a bad idea for this country as a whole, but the country has spoken and we must obey. This will not end well for British citizens here also with tax rises, already our weekly food shop has risen dramatically as has fuel it is so high that many people can’t afford to drive their cars. And what of overseas workers currently living here and doing a worthwhile job here for us, are they on borrowed time too? Someone must address these questions while they can still be addressed, and put our fears to bed while there’s still time.

  • In my personal opinion leaving the EU is a bad idea, what of the businesses who’s products will be refused once we leave, will the EU refuse to do all business with us? And what of the current overseas workers in this country, will they have to leave. These are questions that need answering now! Food and fuel are currently high and getting higher, and people are concerned for their future retirement and savings. Taxes here are high and getting higher, and looking at the Thatcher years people will eventually protest. We’ll lose more by leaving the EU than we will gain. Bad idea, bad idea….

  • When is someone actually going to get and say that the majority of the UK population did not vote to leave the EU? and do not want to. Only 52% of who voted wanted to leave. 48% who voted want to stay however millions more did not vote due to the confusion lead by all MPs and gutter press, millions more were prevented from voting even though they have live here, worked here and paid taxes. Until there is a 2nd vote and a fairer vote the UK will be divided.

  • Great speech. Ditch the notes, use mnemonics to remember your main points. I have heard you speak. You have a wonderful clarity of thought, expressed succinctly with an immensely funny sense of humour which gets to the heart of the matter. Have confidence in yourself and put that Churchill chap in his place.

  • A constructive and positive speech, even though I regret the decision to withdraw from the EU.

  • Very good speech. Well delivered. Well prepared. Very sound advice and good details. Well done Richard.
    Best Wishes.

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