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Please note: This site covers the period that I was a Member of Parliament from May 2010 to June 2017. 

Richard with Jeremy Hunt discussing the Council Healthcare Plan

Richard with Jeremy Hunt discussing the Council Healthcare Plan

The day after Bedford Borough Council published its cross-party report on the future of Bedford Hospital, Richard Fuller MP met Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, to tell him how the Council’s report provides a viable future for our local hospital consistent with national NHS priorities.

Bedford Borough Council’s cross-party report, prepared by PriceWaterhouse Coopers and published on 7th June, outlined a number of ways in which social care and hospital services could be integrated to save money and ensure that Bedford Hospital could continue to provide as many local services as possible.

Richard said:
“The Council’s cross-party report shows that local politicians – MPs, the Mayor and Councillors from all parties – are united in our determination that the maternity ward will remain at Bedford Hospital. The Council’s proposals to merge social care and NHS care in our area fits much better with national priorities of the NHS and would help fix the financial deficit at Bedford Hospital whilst retaining the maternity unit at Bedford Hospital.”

On the 8th June, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Healthcare Review published their proposals for local healthcare which would see the transfer of maternity services to Milton Keynes Hospital.

Richard criticised these proposals from the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Joint Healthcare Review saying:
“The Joint Review’s proposals are unworkable, unwarranted and unwelcome yet this “Zombie” review conducted at a cost of millions of pounds cannot stop itself from repeating mistake after mistake. For these past five years, I have campaigned against the proposals from this Review and have worked with clinicians at our hospital to develop their own vision for future care, IACS, the core for an ‘Addenbrooke’s Alliance’.”

The integrated acute and community services or IACS model incorporates integrated primary, community and acute care, networked with other hospitals to provide some hyperacute and fragile services.

7 Responses to Richard Fuller meets Jeremy Hunt to promote Council proposal for Bedford Hospital and slams Healthcare Review alternative

  • Hello Mr Fuller

    Just reading about the proposal for the maternity unit at Bedford, could I ask you as the MP for Bedford to look into the proposals the BCCG are looking at the possible closure of the Stroke unit at Bedford hospital, the unit is in the top 25 in the UK.
    Strokes kill more people in the UK than Breast colon and bowel cancer combined, and is the single biggest cause of disability in the world.
    The possibility closure of the unit would have devastating consequences for stroke victims.
    The Stroke Association is a charity that does a tremendous amount of work in the development of new treatments and provides a after care support that. Is locally part funded by BBC, this support has been cut back this year.
    The national stroke plan that the government has implemented is due to run out in 2017, we need the government to pledge to agree to a new plan.

    I’m a volunteer ambassador for the stroke association.
    I can also he contacted by email

    Yours Faithfully

    James Green

  • Thank you for all the work you are doing to keep all the services at Bedford. Milton Keynes cannot cope with their own increase in population we just cannot igo there. We have always paid our taxes and national insurance if it means a few more pounds to keep all the services here in Bedford we will pay it but only if waste is eliminated and more full time nurses employed rather than agency staff. Mavis Wiltshire.

  • Bedford needs its hospital and all the services it provides. It is unthinkable, that with all the additional housing that’s being built, that Bedford could lose any of the hospital services. Can you imagine the terrible strain to patients and their relatives if they have to travel so far afield to access other hospitals? It’s monstrous to even contemplate. Money is being poured into these ridiculous consultations instead of being spent where it is needed, looking after the health of local people.

  • Hi, “carburn-footprint” miles done petrol or diesel ! how many babies born at bedford round trip to mk 40 miles plus time taken to visit. more “tax” by the goverment vie the back door for fuel used.

  • You have my full support in this. Please fight hard for our maternity and children’s services.

  • In view of all the additional housing being built in the Bedford and Kempston areas it seems farcical to reduce any hospital services at all. Please continue with your campaign to ensure that Bedford Hospital retains them.

  • I have 2 young Grandsons and I would very much like Bedford Hospital A&E to stay in Bedford as if there was an emergency with one of them to get to Milton Keynes would take an hour from where they live in Upper Caldecote Biggleswade Bedfordshire.
    This is going to be a devastating blow to the people of Bedford and surrounding areas if the A&E and Maternity Units are to close because of these horrid cut backs in THE NHS.
    I am just wondering which other services in the Bedford Hospital will be the next to close.
    This is very worrying for me as my Mum is under the Haemotology Unit due to having a very rare Blood Cancer.
    Should this unit be under talks of closure, then I don’t know how Mum would cope having to travel from Potton to another Hospital that is even further away from Bedford.
    Mum gets a little confused now and this would be even more distressing for her going to a different Hospital.
    Many Thanks

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