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The results board after final poll of audience is taken at MacIntyre Hudson EU Referendum debate

The results board after a final poll of the audience is taken at the MacIntyre Hudson EU Referendum debate at Bedford Blues Rugby Club

Over the last few weeks, Richard has taken part in a number of EU Referendum debates and discussions around the constituency. Richard will be voting to LEAVE the EU on Thursday and urges his constituents to “vote with confidence, don’t vote out of fear”.

Richard’s views on the EU Referendum can be found here.

One of the debates Richard took part in was opened up to hundreds of local businesses at Bedford Blues Rugby Club, hosted by MacIntyre Hudson. Richard spoke for Leave and Richard Howitt MEP for Remain and the scene was set by Professor of Global Economy at Cranfield University, Joe Nellis. Both speakers made opening statements before questions were taken from the floor and from twitter submissions.

The audience was issued with voting pads so that polls could be taken at various points during the evening. The opening poll showed that 46% would vote to remain, 28% would vote to leave and 26% were undecided. After an hour of lively debate and passionate closing statements, the final result stood at 49% leave, 45% remain and 6% undecided.

The opening statement which Richard gave to the audience can be watched below:

The full debate, filmed by Bedford College Media Department can be watched here.

Richard added: “A Vote to Leave the European Union and get back control is the best gift we can pass on to the next generation”.

2 Responses to EU Referendum – 23 June 2016

  • Hello Richard
    John and myself will be voting on Thursday to Leave this dreadful EU.
    We need to take back control of our Country, as it is important to give our Grandchildren a Country that we can say is a better future for you and your Children when you have them.
    Thank you for all you have done for the Leave Campaign, we were unable to attend the meeting the other week due to my Mum having a Hospital Appointment and we were late back from that.
    We do need an NHS and we won’t have one if we remain in.
    Mum has lots of different things wrong with her and Bedford Hospital is under so much pressure to see Patients on time.

  • I voted to leave the EU with the faith that we in the UK need to have the freedom to make changes that are relevant to the UK and in the best interests of the residents of the UK and not to be over ruled by Bureaucrats in Brussels.
    I do not have an issue with Migrants or Asylum Seekers entering the UK but what is in place presently isnt working well and this needs to be re addressed as soon as is possible.
    There should be no entitlement to benefits or social housing unless there has been payments made into our system …. it should not be a right of passage just because you are in the UK.
    People can be helped but until they have status they should be provided with shared housing of a decent standard through the Home Office and be given cards with a reasonable amount for food and clothing…..
    There is resentment building because the indigenous struggle to attain social housing having to wait many years but will see people from other countries being housed quicker …. as their needs are seen to be greater.
    The UK managed pretty well pre Common Market and then the EU …. she can do it again if she braces herself for a bumpy ride while the EU will try to ensure she is set as an example to the rest to remain. But in the long run it is the best decision the majority made … to Brext

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