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Please note: This site covers the period that I was a Member of Parliament from May 2010 to June 2017. 

Richard introduces a Private Members' Bill on CCTV in Taxis - Click the picture for video

Richard introduces a Private Members’ Bill on CCTV in Taxis – Click the picture for video

On Tuesday, Richard Fuller, MP for Bedford and Kempston, introduced a Bill to Parliament to require taxis to install CCTV.

The latest in a three year campaign by the MP, the Bill aims to ensure safety for drivers and passengers by requiring taxis to have secure, encrypted CCTV installed.

In his speech to introduce the Bill, Richard spoke of his concern over the number of assaults and attacks that occur in taxis. He also recalled the terrible murder of local taxi driver, Mehar Dhariwal, which he said had spurred him to take action.

Commenting afterwards, Richard said “It is time to stop treating taxi drivers like second class citizens. Workers in other forms of public transport are protected by CCTV and it is time this protection was extended to taxi drivers and their passengers.”

2 Responses to Richard continues his campaign to improve safety in our taxis

  • I agree we need national funding for those private hire drivers who feel they need CCTV however I don’t believe mandatory use is necessary. The law commision should be dealing with this. The cost of CCTV can only come down when we have a CCTV policy that is the same throughout the land. To many types of CCTV equipment are available simply because there are so many different policy’s on CCTV.
    The whole question of the law commision reviewing taxi and ph should be down to a ballot paid by the trade. I have one example of one area of greater manchester that has 51 question answered the same by 15 drivers. I’m my mind the whole law commision survey should be done seperetly taxi questions aimed at taxi trade and private hire questions aimed at the private hire trade. Taxis are being given preferential treatment when they are not public service vehicles. Passenger A should be treated the same as passenger b but they are not. We want equal rights for all transport providers and until that happens passenger a will be treated differently from passenger B.

  • I am sure CCTV in mini cabs will help safety of both passengers
    and drivers.

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