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Please note: This site covers the period that I was a Member of Parliament from May 2010 to June 2017. 

Richard was guest of honour at the “Sod Turning Ceremony” for the new Bedford Academy building on Tuesday (5th July). The funds for the new academy building were secured by Richard last year.

In his speech to the students, teachers and sponsors, he said:-

“Today, we commit ourselves, not only to the education of every student, but to each year of schooling. We recognise that each child only gets one chance at each year of their education.

We commit ourselves that the quest for higher standards is not only a long term discussion, but an urgent priority for today, where failure to perform demands leadership and action so that not one single year of any child’s education is wasted.”

The school thanked Richard by baking a delicious cake (pictured above)!

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  • I now teach Modern Languages in Portsmouth, but I do wish both students and staff at Bedford Academy all the best in their quest for high standards in education. Everyone deserves a good education. If this is not possible in a classroom situation, individual attention with one to one tuition would certainly help!

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